Hope Ministries Food Pantry - Open 2 days a week - Monday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Thursday from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  Clients come to the Food Pantry to be screened and receive food.  Vouchers to come to the food pantry can also be obtained at Community Action at the Senior Citizen Center or through the secretary at First Christian Church where clients are screened for assistance from the Ministerial Association of Woodford County.


In order to receive food from the Food Pantry, all clients must bring the following information with them for food service.  Proof of Woodford County residence whether a bill, rent receipt, or bank statement, proof of income for all living in the household, including children on disability (if there is no income, proof of food stamps, housing, or utility assistance must be provided), and copies of Social Security Numbers for all individuals in the household must be provided.  Guidelines for food assistance is based on the number of individuals living in the household and the income for the entire household must also be reported in order for the families to receive government commodities.


Food distribution is based on family size.  Clients of the Hope Ministries Food Pantry receive the following food items:

    1.  Government commodities based on what items are available to the local food pantry

     2.  Donated foods from individuals and churches (Cereal, crackers, peanut butter, canned  

         vegetables, canned beans, soup, canned meat, canned fruit, canned tomatoes, pasta, or

         canned spaghetti sauce, dry beans, juice, dry macaroni, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese   

         dinner or rice, and personal care items are distributed when there is plenty of money to buy           

         these non-food items

    3.  Donated breads and pastries from Kroger

    4.  Milk and eggs purchased by the Food Pantry

    5.  Bologna, hot dogs, hamburger, margarine, and cheese purchased by the Food Pantry

    6.  There is always a table with extra items on it which are items the Food Pantry does not stock

         as necessary items

    7.  There are times when there are extra meat items for the clients due to donations from      

         businesses, the Community Dinner surplus, or individuals who purchase turkeys and hams

         for the holidays, and we have been fortunate to receive meat items from the Papa John’s Pizza           warehouse in Louisville.

Each client will leave with approximately a week of food items to help supplement their budget.  All of the items listed above are considered the full service portion of the food pantry.  Our clients can only come 6 times a year for this full service.  The remaining 6 months of the year will be for whatever commodities are available to this food pantry.


In 2014, this Food Pantry distributed 1,221 boxes of food to families with 3,130 members.  



Commodity Supplemental Food Program - for seniors age 60 and above

This food program began in 2010 with Woodford County receiving 48 food boxes.  To date we serve 96 food boxes on the first Tuesday of each month out of our brand new food pantry building.  God's Pantry brings in the commodity foods to make up the 96 food boxes with about 40 pounds of non-perishable food items and the clients will also receive breads, pastries and fresh produce when available.  This is the only program where food is delivered to the clients and food is delivered by the Senior Citizen Center to homebound clients and the volunteers make a delivery to Margaret Hall for the clients who live there.  The remainder of the food pantry clients come to pick up their food box.  


The qualifications for this food program are the client must be 60 years of age, live in Woodford County, and meet the income requirements published by the Department of Agriculture for food assistance.  This food program is an application program through the Director of the Food Pantry and there are currently 40 individuals on the waiting list to participate on this program.  This is a once a month food distribution.


For the calendar year of 2014, this program distributed 1,152 food boxes to 1,642 individuals.



Food for Under Served Counties - None of us consider Woodford County to be an underserved county, but based on the population of Woodford County (25,000+) and the percentage for unemployment for the state of Kentucky (10%), Woodford County should have 2500 individuals served food on a monthly basis.  


On the third Wednesday of each month, 144 food boxes are distributed at the new food pantry building as part of the Food for Under Served Counties Program.  The volunteers of the Food Pantry are very fortunate to have the men of Kiwanis assisting with this program and the Woodford County Jailer allows 3 or 4 inmates to do community service with this program.


Again, God's Pantry brings in the commodity foods for this program and the clients will receive commodities, frozen meats donated by Sam's Club or Costco and breads and pastries donated by the same companies.   The clients can also receive as many as 3 fresh produce items.  The clients receive large boxes of food at this food distribution.  This is a once a month food distribution.


The requirements for this food distribution are Woodford County resident and low income.  This program is not an application program, it is a first come first served program.  We work in the parking lot to sign up the carloads of families and when the 144 number is reached, clients are turned away.


For 2014, 96,843 pounds of food was distributed for this program to 3,481 individuals.


Senior Citizens, anyone over the age of 60, can participate in all three of these programs and receive commodities through these programs.  Anyone under the age of 60 who comes to the food pantry after the truck in the park will not receive commodities from the food pantry.


Based on all of this information, Hope Ministries Food Pantry volunteers distributed 218,176 pounds of food to those in need in Woodford County.  These figures do not include meals and food distributed by the Community Dinner under the direction of Gary Jones, nor does it include the figures for the Back Pack Program administered by the churches and schools of Woodford County.