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First, to receive food from the Food Pantry you must obtain a voucher.  Vouchers are issued based on income.  You may apply for a voucher at Bluegrass Community Action, First Christian Church, or the Food Pantry.  Here is what you will need to bring when applying for a voucher:


1)  Proof of Woodford County Residence (latest utility bill)


2)  Proof of income for all in the household


3)  Social Security numbers or IDs for all in the household


4)  Proof of disability (if disabled)

You may come to the Food Pantry once per month to obtain government commodities food.  Up to six times per year (usually every other month) you will also have full access to other donated food as well.  Here is what you will need to do at every visit:


1)  Bring your voucher and ID.


2)  Bring a copy of your current utility bill as proof of continued residency in Woodford County.


3)  Bring names and ages of all household members.


4)  You will be required to fill out a survey.  (Surveys are needed for grant reporting and all information is kept confidential).

•  Community Dinner - every Monday


•  CSFP Senior Food Boxes - first Tuesday of each month


•  Underserved County Food Distribution - third Wednesday of each month


•  Any family may be eligible for emergency food as the result of a catastrophic event, regardless of income status



•  You will receive about ten bags of food.  It is too much to carry.  YOU WILL NEED TO ARRANGE TRANSPORTATION FROM THE FOOD PANTRY.




•  NO ONE MAY RECEIVE FOOD ITEMS MORE OFTEN THAN ONCE A MONTH (except for a catastrophic event).

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